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China to bolster flexible employment

Updated: Jul 31,2020 08:53 PM

China will take moves to support flexible employment in various forms, including self-employed businesses, part-time jobs and emerging employment models, according to a circular issued by the General Office of the State Council on July 31.

The circular called for improved infrastructure and increased supplies of operational resources, as part of an effort to encourage self-employed individuals to set up small stores with unique features and other businesses.

To create more part-time jobs, particular industries such as cleaning and sanitation, wholesale and retail, and construction and decoration should be expanded and upgraded, and the capacity to hire part-time workers should be enhanced in community services such as elderly care, daycare and psychological counseling.

The circular also urged supporting emerging employment models to advance the development of e-retail, mobile travel, online education and training, internet healthcare, online entertainment and other areas.

Boosting entrepreneurial activities requires a sound environment, which means enhancing government services for approval and administration, canceling some charges involved in flexible employment and providing premises at low costs.

It also requires unveiling new professions and incorporating them into related systems in a timely manner.

The circular also emphasized entrepreneurial and technical training for those engaging in new professions, with training and living allowances during the period.

Human resources services should better suit the needs of flexible job seekers, organize special career fairs for them as needed and introduce them into primary-level communities.

HR service providers of different types should be encouraged to offer them specialized services, such as well-arranged recruitment events, skill training and HR outsourcing, the circular stated.