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Premier stresses production safety, flood relief

Updated: Jul 31,2020 09:31 PM

The work safety committee of the State Council held a national teleconference on production safety on July 31, at which Premier Li Keqiang made an instruction.

The Premier, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, said safe production has been generally maintained across the nation, but the situation is still severe and complicated as risks increase, so much attention should be attached on ensuring production safety.

Responsibilities of production safety assigned to each party should be dutifully carried out, and remediation on production safety work and daily management should be well implemented, the Premier said.

Efforts must be made to probe into risks hidden in key industries, curbing any possibility of major accidents, he added.

As flood control and disaster relief are still at a crucial juncture in North and South China, provinces involved should be offered continued guidance and assistance in safeguarding people’s lives and property with the utmost strength.

Along large rivers and lakes, as well as important reservoirs and rivers, defense against floods and post-disaster rescue should press on with great vigilance, and measures should be enhanced to guard against mountain torrents, mudslides and other calamities.

Thorough plans should be in place to relocate residents affected by floods and help them resume their lives, and rebuild destroyed houses and facilities.

Solid preparations are needed to prevent damage from typhoons in coastal areas.

According to those at the meeting, the three-year special campaign on safe production is progressing well by departments at all levels and regions under the lead of the central government, and safety is improving but still with prominent problems and risks.

It was decided at the meeting more work will be done to continue the campaign, and actions will be strengthened on transportation of hazardous chemicals to screen out all loopholes.

The safe production plan in the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan period and legal institutional building will also be enhanced for long-term management with a solid foundation.

To prevent magnified and overlapped risks of different disasters and accidents and major accidents, those at the meeting called for coordinated work in flood prevention, disaster relief and safe production, to build a sound environment for the construction of a well-off society.

State Councilor Wang Yong, also deputy director of the work safety committee, addressed the conference chaired by State Councilor Zhao Kezhi, also deputy director of the committee.